Cobweb Robin Leaf Scarf Quiz


Welcome to the Cobweb Robin Leaf Scarf quiz and your chance to get hold of this scarf for just £2 (normal price £150).

Once you answer the simple qualifier question below you will be directed to the ticket purchase page where you can buy your entry ticket for just £2.

Your raffle number will be the ticket order number. You may enter as many times as you wish but unfortunately will have to order your tickets one at a time to generate unique order/competition ticket numbers.

Once 75 tickets have been sold the raffle will be drawn and the winner announced on the website.

The primary scarf on offer is hand knitted in hand-spun cobweb yarn blended from wool and silk, the colours for which were inspired by our friendly garden robin. However, the winner will be given the choice of the three scarves shown - a soft purple leaf scarf, a sea green straight scarf or the robin leaf scarf.

Good Luck!