Cobweb Infinity Scarf


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Cobweb infinity scarves are hand knitted from hand-spun yarn blended from British wool and kid mohair, which was hand dyed with natural dyes. They are lovely and warm, but also very light and ideal for keeping the back of your neck warm while looking great. The colours listed in the drop down menu are the ones I have in stock, but if you would like a different colour, select the custom option and type your choice of colour in the text box.


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Hand wash all products in luke warm water, rinse in luke warm water and wrap in a towel to remove excess water. Then dry flat away from direct sunlight. Items such as fingerless gloves and tube scarves should be gently pulled lengthwise to ensure they keep their shape and don’t stretch sideways.

When removing fingerless gloves and tube scarves, pulling them gently lengthwise will also help preserve their shape.