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AnNead Hand Knitwear has often been asked about repairs to shawls and since repairing one, I got some photographic records to show what is possible. The process can be very time consuming and because the shawls were knitted many years ago, matching the yarn can be difficult. Another thing to note is that the repairs can be costly because of the time involved, if the damage is caused by moths, the shawl will almost definitely develop more holes. However, sometimes the sentimental value of a shawl makes it worth it.

To get a quote on a required repair, please fill in the form below with photos of as much of the damage as possible including one of the whole shawl.

If you would like to discuss the problem, contact me to arrange a Zoom meeting where you can show me exactly what the damage is and I can advise as to a price. Don’t forget to let me know which country you live in if it’s not the UK so we can arrange an appropriate time.

This shows the damage to a precious baby shawl

The following photos show damage to a beautiful mohair shawl followed by the repairs.

    You can upload photos if desired (must be either jpg or png and no greater than 5Mb)

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    2 thoughts on “Shawl Repair Service

    1. My Grandson’s christening shawl had come to grief with many snags and quite a number of substantial tears. Fortunately I came across Jenny Robertson and sent it off to her. In a very short time, and for a reasonable amount for payment, the shawl has come back. I can honestly say it is as good as new. It has been a quite magical experience. Jenny was lovely and the communication swift and clear. I could not be happier and highly recommend an extremely skilled craftsperson.

    2. Unfortunately, the family Christening Shetland Wool Shawl was accidently damaged in the centre section, resulting in a gaping hole!
      Indeed it was “my lucky day” when I chanced upon Jenny Robertson, having “googled” for help.
      The Shawl was returned to me in perfect condition with no visible evidence of the damage. It was really wonderful, and the cost was very reasonable.
      I can say in all honesty that the entire experience of dealing with Jenny Robertson was a pleasure. Her expertise, skill, and professionalism was Top Quality.
      I highly recommend Jenny Robertson who is an expert in this specialized type of work.
      I am a very happy customer.
      Catherine Johnston.

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