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AnNead Hand Knitwear produces unique hand knitted cobweb lace from hand-spun yarn. The unique cobweb scarves, shawls, gloves are created using traditional lace stitch patterns, combined to produce contemporary pieces of delicate, but long-lasting fine cobweb lace. All my yarns are spun by hand so no two items will be exactly the same and colours and stitch patterns may vary slightly. All measurements are provided to give an indication of size and may not be exact. I am always happy to discuss any specific requirements with you to tailor-make each unique piece.

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  • Cobweb Wraps & Stoles

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  • Lace-weight jumpers


Environment & ethics

In the ongoing effort to improve the environmental and ethical credentials of the business, I source fleece from South Yeo Farm East, and replace the silk component with kid mohair from New Forest Mohair. Exciting news is that I can now buy Shetland fleece produced on Eigg at Glebe Barn, so at the moment, some products are British Lavender fleece, but once my stock of British Lavender is finished, all my products will be knitted from hand-spun Glebe Barn Shetland fleece. I will be hand dyeing the fleece using natural dyes or dye extracts. While I still have some stock available in the current fibre and silk, I will be offering them at sale prices. I will be able to absorb increased costs for products, but the price of my hand-spun yarns will increase. While I still have dyed fibre and silk, I will have some yarns at the current price.

I keep a limited amount of stock ready for dispatch, but it might take a bit of time to get an order ready if I don’t have the required colour for example in stock. I will always contact you on receipt of an order to give an estimated time for dispatch.

My website is set up to take PayPal payments, so you will be able to make safe payments and your details will not be stored by my website. You will also be offered different postage options during the checkout process.


Bridal shawls are made to order to provide that extra special service. Christening shawls can also be knitted from your choice of fleece and could have a coloured border if desired.

Cobweb lace handfasting ribbons are now also available. I don’t keep many in stock as the colour requirements are specific to each ceremony, so contact me to order.

If you would like to discuss anything to do with a product or process, contact me to arrange a Zoom meeting where I can show you the product or products you with to see. Don’t forget to let me know which country you live in if it’s not the UK so we can arrange an appropriate time.

Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with your item, returns are accepted with a full refund, less the postage, will be made on receipt of the returned order in good condition, but an administration fee might be charged, especially for very customized items.

Example of our packaging.

This narrow version of the Cobweb Flimmery Scarf is a real bit of fun. The yarn is hand blended from wool and kid mohair, dyed with natural dyes. The colour options listed in the drop down menu are are stock, but if you would like a different colour, select the custom option and type your choice in the text box. I will confirm the colour with you by email and email a photo of the finished ribbon prior to posting it.

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