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These cobweb scarves measure approximately 35-38cm wide and 175cm long or 25cm wide and 175cm long. They light but nice and warm with it, making them an ideal accessory for any outfit. The cobweb yarn is hand-spun from a blend of British wool and kid mohair which has been hand dyed using natural dyes. They can have a less lacy pattern, making them great for men too.

This narrow version of the Cobweb Flimmery Scarf is a real bit of fun. The yarn is hand blended from wool and kid mohair, dyed with natural dyes. The colour options listed in the drop down menu are are stock, but if you would like a different colour, select the custom option and type your choice in the text box. I will confirm the colour with you by email and email a photo of the finished ribbon prior to posting it.
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